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"Kalnavoti", Koknese , LV-5113

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TEL:  +371 29357420  (Kristīne)

TEL: +371 26554204  (Raimonds)

E-MAIL: kalnavoti@kalnavoti.lv

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+371 29357420

Our Guest House

Come to Kalnavoti and you will realize that this is a special place where daily life mixes with romance. The cozy guest house with old barn aura is where you forget yourself, unconstrained talks in enjoyable company of friends or family, sitting at fireplace and looking into heart of fire. Once seated in a soft carpet, you start to feel as in "On thousand and one nights" tales, smoking water pipe and holding warm cup of tea.

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Kalnavoti has a special steam sauna - where humidity and heat is precisely adjusted in order to have pleasant and relaxing experience. Wooden finish to have that feeling of nature and well being. And in addition right time cut and tied birch tree bath brooms. Following the old-time traditions bath brushes must be tied at the beginning or middle of June and on a dry day, on the first half of the day, after the dew. Then leaves are full of juice, maturity and fragrances. But once you are done with steaming, you can refresh in a backyard pond or Daugava's serene waters.


Organic Farmhouse
Private BBQ Area
& Fire Pit
Boat Rental
Hot sauna