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"Kalnavoti", Koknese , LV-5113

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+371 29357420


Kalnavoti guest house is situation in Koknese - heart of Latvia. At the beginning of the 13th century the Livonian Brothers of the Sword built a fortified castle at the confluence of the Daugava and Perse rivers. Soon after merchants and craftsmen settled there and in 1277 Koknese (then Kokenhusen) was granted town privilege.

Koknese still attracts with the magnificent nature, the breath of history which is carefully stored in the old park and the mighty castle walls, which now is surrounded by the water of Pļaviņas reservoir that had transformed all the landscape beyond recognition.

With support of the entire Latvian nation a memorial site “Liktendarzs” (Garden of destinies) is being created on an island in Koknese. No day passes without visitors coming here from all over Latvia. It is a memorial site to all those lost to Latvia in the 20th century – those who suffered from totalitarian regimes, those who were forced to exile, those who suffered based on their political views or family tree.


Zemitani offers animal watching to large and small groups all year round. It is an unforgettable experience for anyone!

Visitors are taken on a tour by car and are accompanied by a local guide.


A romantic ride on a historical boat on river Daugava in summer, or snow sledge in the winter. Mežmalas has all the activities needed and available for active day.


Every little girl dreams of one day riding up on a white horse, in a big fluffy white wedding dress to meet her Prince Charming (or is that just me??). Koknese is the perfect location for your Horse Carriage Wedding. And your day could not have been more perfect.

Once upon a time, Koknese Castle stood majestically on a hill where the Perse River flows into the Daugava. Nowadays, after the construction of the hydroelectric power plant, water washes against the walls of its ruins.

To revive the fame and glory of old, theatrical performances, concerts, coin minting events, Medieval-style and traditional Latvian wedding ceremonies are held at the ruins, and the Catfish Waking Festival has become a new tradition at this site.